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ACA Events & Summaries

Rules & Regulations

Casting Box- All Accuracy and Distance events

In all accuracy events casters must keep part of one foot inside a marked four foot square box or you get a score deduction.

In all distance events, all casting shall be done from a distinctively marked casting box, which shall measure six feet square.

The front line of the distance box is clearly marked and must not be crossed by any part of you or your clothing. Nothing but your tackle may cross the line or you’ll be penalized. An effort will be made to set up the course in order to cast down wind.

Accuracy Targets-

Thirty inch rings measured on the outside not thicker than 1 1/2" in total diameter.

Fly Accuracy Summary

ACA fly games evolved from earlier events cast by competitors of European ancestry accustomed to fishing for trout and salmon. An example is our Two-Handed Fly Distance: perfect for forty pound Atlantics in deep Scandinavian fjords.

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On the other hand, the Bass Bug Accuracy game is very American. So is our 5/8 Oz Plug Accuracy.

Trout Fly Accuracy combines technques similar to fishing technique. The Dry Fly Round has repetitive false casting similar to drying-off a dry fly. The Wet fly round which has two false casts after the first target, is similar to the way we would want to keep a sunken fly in front of the fish and not in the air. The Roll-Cast round teaches us how to make fast presentations with limited backcast space and a slight change of direction.

Dry Fly Accuracy concentrates on turning-over the leader properly with the large wind-resistant dry-fly without ticking the water. This of course is unlike real fishing because you usually do not false cast over wary fish or present as forcefully as you must here.

Bass Bug Accuracy which is not only good practice for bass fishing, is also great practice for fishing surface flies to many salwater species like snook and stripers!

Fly Distance Summary

Angler's Fly Distance also known as steelhead distance, came from the west coast steelheaders who use sinking heads for maximizing casting distance and control of presentation depth. They would use floating, intermediate and sinking heads. Angler's only uses a sinking tournament head. Winning distances at a National average 175' today.

One-Hand Fly Distance still popular in Europe, also resembles an antiquated big Atlantic salmon outfit. It uses a 50 foot long head weighing around 40g. It's tackle resembles what we use today for pelagic saltwater species, but we use a shorter head and shorter casts. We usually cast to teased or chummed fish. A One-Hand cast over 200' is excellent.

Two-Hand Fly Distance also known as salmon fly distance, as stated earlier, came from a deep water searching technique of the Scandinavians. It required long casts and deep-sinking retrieves. Our tournament head with is 1855gr or 120g is around four ounces. Anglers today, to the best of my knowledge, don't use such tackle. They use surf rods and a Sinking Rapala! Great casters reach nearly 300'!

Plug Accuracy Summary

1/4 (7.5g) & 3/8 Oz. Plug Accuracy descended from stream and lake multi-species angling. It's good practice for all light tackle spin fishing. The one thing it demands in particular is distance control. It's easier to achieve good line-up than to stop the plug exactly on the mark.

5/8 Oz. (18g) Plug Accuracy is mainly associated with bass tackle and fishing. The only thing it lacks are obstacles to make it realistic. The hardest thing to acquire is the proper tackle that allows feeling the rod flex and a fast free running reel. Then it takes hours upon hours of practice to perfect.

Plug Distance Summary

1/4 Oz (7.5g) Plug Distance Single Handed requires a spinning reel and has a rod length restriction of 8'2". This event represents fishing medium sized bodies of water with small lures or bait. Most casters use fine monofilament line. Casts can approach 300' in length.

5/8 Oz (18g) Plug Revolving Spool Distance, Double Handed resembles tackle you'd use for surf fishing with bait. Of course, you'd jetison the bait this way! The rod length is unrestricted and both 5/8 games require line no thinner than .010". This event produces the longest of the ACA casts in the 380' range!

5/8 Oz (18g) Plug Distance Double Handed is the finese plug distance event. Backlashes take you out of it! Matching reel lube viscosity to air temperature is only one important factor. Casts in the 350' range are goldworthy.