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Plug Accuracy Summary

1/4oz.  Plug (spinning reel), 3/8oz. Plug (unrestricted reel), 5/8oz. Plug Accuracy-(unrestricted except a revolving spool reel is required for casters thirteen years old and older.)

The near target is 40 to 45 feet away, the far target is from 75 to 80 feet away. The other three are distributed between them and not in a line. You can only take ten casts. You get no deduction if you hit the ring or the plug lands inside it. You get a deduction(up to five) for every foot away your plug lands.

Plug Distance Summary

1/4oz. Singlehanded (spinning reel)- 5/8oz. Singlehanded (spinning reel)- 5/8oz. Doublehanded Distance(bait casting reel)

The caster shall have 1 minute to cast after the Judge has declared the box open.  You can only make three casts. The distance court is 180 degrees wide. Windup motion prior to releasing the cast may begin from outside the box but every part of the caster and clothes must not cross the front edge of the box. After completing a cast, the caster shall remain in the casting box until released by the Judge.  The casters two longest casts are recorded, but the second is only used to break a tie if necessary.