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The Association & Membership

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Member Clubs

Annual Memberships are also represented in the following states:

Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Washington State

If you're interested in starting an ACA Club or are just starting, you can find out more by reading, "How to Hold an ACA Event"- by John Field.

ACA is an Ohio non-profit and tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization:


The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes including, without limitation, to foster national and international amateur sport competition in the sports of angling and casting; to support, develop and train amateur athletes for the U.S. Casting Team and send them to international amateur competitions; to sanction national casting tournaments and maintain uniform rules governing tournament casting; to educate members of the public about angling and casting; and to raise and distribute money for any of the foregoing purposes.  The corporation may, as permitted by law, engage in any and all activities in furtherance of, related to, or incidental to these purposes which may lawfully be carried on by a corporation formed under the Ohio nonprofit corporations laws and which are not inconsistent with the corporation's qualification as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future tax code.

Articles of Incorporation Amended Name
Certificate of Good Standing 2017 Regulationsaca
2017 990EZaca 2004 990EZaca