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Selecting Fly Equipment

Fly Accuracy equipment doesn't need to fight fish, it doesn't have to cast far or be light weight, it needs to enable you to make a nice loop and give you enough feel to control and predict where your fly will land. Recently, some of our ACA fly accuracy blanks went out of production. Now you can find good finished rods from companies like Echo that sell for what the special blanks used to cost. The commercial rods will work fine. Anyway, good accuracy scores come from good form and a lot of practice, not special tackle.

Fly Distance equipment on the other hand has to be able to cast far. To do this, not only does it have to be of the right stuff and design, it does have to be light in weight. Our ACA blanks manufactured by G Loomis are specially designed for our games. The two graphites used their GLX and IMX scrim. These exquisite uncoated blanks are light in weight, but powerful and fast. They are only waranteed for tournament use.

The only commercial rods we've seen suitable for any of our three fly distance games apply to Angler's Fly. Those rods are the old Fenwick Ironfeather and maybe a G.Loomis Cross Current in 10wt..

Reel Selection- For fly accuracy, any reel that balances well will work. For distance, lightness is the most important criteria. You can event attach a mono filler-spool to the rod and pass tackle check! Besides being attached to the rod, the "reel" has to fit the head and running line on it. Another good feature in a production reel is a large arbor for those not using separate line winder spools. The mono running-lines need to be as straight as possible. I've been using the same Waterworks Purist 2 reels for my accuracy, Angler's and One-Hand fly games.