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G.Loomis Tournament Rod Guide and Handle Specifications


G.Loomis tournament blanks are made specifically for tournament casting and are warranteed for one year against breakage due to material or manufacturing defects. They are not intended and not warranted for use in fishing. Following are suggested guide and handle configurations that are successful for many casters, but you may make up your own spacing, sizes and handles. The distance blanks are lightweight, thin wall designs, which help the caster to develop maximum speed and distance. The rod builder should take care not to wrap the guide too tightly as to crush the guide foot into the blank. After thread wrapping, the guide should be moveable with light to moderate finger pressure before finish is applied to the thread. It is suggested to thread wrap the ends of ferrules on the female side to provide added strength should the tip work loose while casting. The length of this ferrule wrap may be half inch on accuracy rods and up to two inches on large distance models. Distance blanks can be trimmed from the butt to shorten overall length and or the tip to stiffen and increase tip power. By gripping the rod higher up the handle and or trimming the tip at very small increments, the caster may fine-tune the rod to suit their preference. With reasonable care taken to assembly, protection in transportation to and from casting sessions, these blanks/rods will provide many years of use. Good casting.

Dist. Fly
Single Hand
Two Hand Fly Dist. Angler's Fly Dist. TF 10810 Angler's Fly Dist. TF 10811
Bass Bug Acc. Dry Fly & Trout Fly Acc. 1/4 & 3/8oz. Spin Acc. 5/8 Plug Acc.
7.5 Gram Spin Dist. One Hand- TS984 Fixed & Rev. Spool 18g Plug Dist. Two Hand-T15618-3IMX 18 Gram Two Hand Rev. Spool Dist TC 138-3 18 Gram Two Hand Spin Dist- TS 13518-3