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ACA Past Presidents

Year of Election(s) Residence Name
2014-2016 San Ramon, CA Henry Mittel
2012-2014 Lexington, KY David Roberts
2008-2012 Weston, CT John Field
2005-2008 Lexington, KY Patrick McFadden
2002-2004 Valparaiso, IN John Seroczynski
2000-2002 Oakland, CA Alice Gillibert
1996-2000 El Cerito, CA Tom Gong
1993-1996 Oakland, CA Rene Gillibert
1990-1992 Cincinnati, OH Andy Statt
1992 Oakland, CA Rene Gillibert
1990-1991 Cincinnati, OH Andy Statt
1988-1989 Lexington, KY William B. Burke
1986-1987 Columbus, OH Allyn Erhardt
1984-1985 Chicago, IL George Applegren
1982-1983 Buffalo, NY Kevin Carriero
1980-1981 Delaware, OH Zack Willson
1978-1979 Columbus, OH Allyn Erhardt
1976-1977 Lexington, KY Winston L Burke
1974-1975 Jeffersonville, IN Mollie Schneider/Light
1972 San Antonio, TX Charles McTee
1968-1971 Saint Louis, MO Ed Lanser
1966-1967 Cleveland, OH Richard Fujita
1964-1965 St. Petersburg, FL Howard M. Weenick
1962-1963 Lubbock, TX C. E. Wilson
1960-1961 St. Louis, MO Harold P Smith
1958-1959 Washington, D. C. Cliff Netherton
1957 San Francisco, CA Russell H. Colliander
1956 New Orleans, LA Ben Fontain
1954-1955 Waukesha, Wisconsin Clarence A. Anthes
1952-1953 Hartford, CT John L. Guinan
1950-1951 Indianapolis, Indiana Donald J. Carlisle
(to be researched)
1938-39 St. Louis, MO C. K. Higgins
1936-37 Buffalo, NY Watts L. Richmond
1934-35 Ft. Dodge, IA E. E. Cavanaugh
1933 Pittsburgh, PA Charles W. Ward
1931-32 Berwyn, IL Charles E. Edwards
1930 Buffalo, NY Otto H. Peters
1928-29 Cleveland, OH Andrew A. Trimble
1926-27 Chicago, IL George G. Chatt
1924-25 Chicago, IL Edwin F. Sutter
1922-23 Chicago, IL Frederick J. Lane
1920-21 Chicago, IL Charles C. Lucke
1919 Chicago, IL E. R. Letterman
1918 Chicago, IL C. B. Willey
1916-17 Chicago, IL J. M. Smith
1914-15 Chicago, IL Fred N. Peet
1913 Chicago, IL Alexander Bauer
1912 Oak Park, IL E. P. Sperry
1910-11 New York, NY R. Johnson Held
1909 Chicago, IL H. E. Rice
1906-08 Chicago, IL H. Wheeler Perce