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Cast Masters

Steve Rajeff

ACA Hall of Fame member, 38 appearances on ACA All American Team, won the ACA All Around Championship 38 consecutive times, and the bi-annual World Casting Championship 13 times.

Current Men's Record Holder

Fly Distance Combination Plug Accuracy Combination All Accuracy Combination All Distance Combination
1-Hand Fly Distance

Current Co-holder Men's Record Score 100

Dry Fly Accuracy Trout Fly Accuracy Bass Bug Accuracy
1/4 oz Plug Accuracy 3/8 oz Plug Accuracy 5/8 oz Plug Accuracy

Current Co-holder Men's Record

Anglers Fly Distance

How long have you been casting?  I started casting in 1967.

Where do you practice? Most of my practice was done at GGACC growing up, and until 1982 before moving to Washington State. Since then, I've trained either on the field by my house, or at the pond near a friend's house.

Favorite fish to catch:  Steelhead for the beautiful places they are found. tarpon for their tremendous fighting abilities. Bonefish for the visual and casting skill needed to present the fly. Also permit, because they are so damned hard to catch.

Favorite rod: G.Loomis

Favorite reel: Langley

Advice for new casters: Attend some casting tournaments. Practice on a regular basis. Locate a casting coach to help get you on the right track.

Philosophy relating to casting: Practice until you can go through the motions without thinking about it.