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Cast Masters

Pamela Peters

Holder of 7 ACA National Women's Records: 1/4 Oz. Plug Distance, 5/8 Oz. 2-Hand Spin. Distance, 5/8 Revolving-Spool 2-Hand Distance, Women's Plug Distance Combination, Women's Overall Distance, 1 Hand Fly Distance, and 2 Hand Fly Distance.

How long have you been casting? For 14 years. I have always been active in sports. I started one windy day at a Chicago tournament. I enjoyed it and decided to stick with it. I initially started off with just the plug events and eventually worked toward the fly and distance games.

Where do you practice? Ideally, I would like to practice where there are no gale force winds, but for now, I'll contend with winds on the northwest Ohio coastal waters of Lake Erie, at a local park. I practice my distance events on a local park athletic field just down the street from me. Sometimes I throw some distance events in my parent's back yard into the amber waves of grain, bean fields or corn. I call it barn casting. Yes, I realize now that I can hit the broad side of a barn. Also, remember to cast away from the house, you never know when you might exceed your limits. (I'm not sure how that dent got on the shutter I was way out back when it happened).

Favorite fish to catch: I'm partial to walleye because I live within a couple of miles of Lake Erie. I like to catch steelhead because they put up a good fight. Salmon is another favorite, just because they are big fish. However, I prefer to catch and release them, especially after having to carrying a 40 lb. Salmon I caught through miles of forest and sand traps. For me, getting the time to catch any fish is fine for me no matter what kind.

Favorite rod: G. Loomis spinning rod with Fuchia colored wrappings.

Favorite reel: My Shimano Calcutta 50, great reel, has good speed. Although I would prefer if it came in fuchia or purple color.

Advice for new casters: Start slowly and stick with a few of the events that you think you might like before you gravitate to others. Practice good technique and work at it and eventually it will all come together.

Philosophy relating to casting: Stick with your own style of casting and what works for you.