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Cast Masters

Nicole Kozicki

Holder of Women's Dry Fly Accuracy Record. Nicole won the ACA Women's All Accuracy at the 2003 National and is a member of the Oakland Club. She didn't compete at the 2004 National, but made up for it by winning All Accuracy Women's Division in 2005 in Dundee, MI.

How long have you been casting? 20 years

Where do you practice? At the Oakland Ponds or at the local middle school field.

Favorite fish to catch: tuna and dorado

Favorite rod: Sage or Loomis

Favorite reel: Mitchell and Shakespeare for plugs, no favorite for fly’s, anything plastic and light.

Advice for new casters: Casting can be frustrating at times so stop then and come back another day.  Don’t feel like you have to practice for hours at a time, 15-20 minutes is plenty for a new caster.

Philosophy relating to casting: Keep yours hands relaxed and enjoy the motion.