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Cast Masters

Henry Mittel

ACA Hall of Fame Member, 9 times on ACA All American Team, holder of Men's 2-Hand Revolving Spool 18g and 7.5g Plug Distance 1-Hand Spin Distance Record holder and holder of the Men's Plug Distance Combination Record. Dry Fly and Trout Fly Accuracy 100 Points Record holder. 2-Hand Fly Distance Distance Record holder.

How long have you been casting? Since I was 12. It took a couple of years before I became serious. Plus there was a period of about 10 years practically without casting. So in all, it's getting to be about 20 years.

Where do you practice? Mostly at the Oakland Casting Ponds and various athletic fields (grass).

Favorite fish to catch:  Not sure. King Salmon?

Favorite rod: Probably my light plug accuracy rods - because they are cute and small and I build them myself.

Favorite reel: I have no emotional attachment to any reels. I might if I finally got around to modifying a light spinning reel for ultra-fast retrieve.

Advice for new casters: Live casting - do it all the time, talk about it all the time, think about it all the time. That's how you learn all there is and learn to do all there is. Practice more than just your favorite thing. Learning the other styles of casting often opens up unexpected insight for your favorite type.

Philosophy relating to casting: Go for the best possible cast each time. You may not get it or it may not be enough to win, but you'll know you gave it your best and you saw what it was worth.