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Cast Masters

Bobby Spear

8 Appearances on the ACA All American Team, National Record Holder of the Senior Men's 3/8s oz Plug Accuracy- Score 99, National Co-Record Holder of Men's 5/8s oz Plug Accuracy- Score 100, 3/8s oz 1st Place 2005 ACA Nationals- Score 99, and represented ACA along with four US team members at the 2002 World Championships.

How long have you been casting? I have been casting for 54 years.

Where do you practice? I practice on grass.

Favorite rod: Favorite rod would be Loomis.

Favorite reel: Favorite reel would be Langley.

Favorite fish to catch: Favorite fish would be bass.

Advice for new casters: Advice to new casters: get good equipment then go to the good casters and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Practicing for hours outside without precautions is harmful; the sun is not your friend.

Philosophy relating to casting: You will meet the nicest people through casting and it’s something you can do for a lifetime.