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Cast Masters

Bill Burke

ACA Hall of Fame Member, Twice on ACA All American Team, Co-holder Mens's 5/8 oz Plug Accuracy Record- Score 100 pt. , 2006 ICSF Senior & Veterans World Championship- 18g Multiplier Accuracy- Bronze Medal Winner, 2003 Senior Men's- 2nd Place All Plug Distance & All Plug Accuracy, 1st Place in Senior Men's Dry Fly Accuracy- 2002 & 2003 Nationals (both with a score of 97), Past ACA President, 5 years as ACA Executive Secretary and has been serving as Chairman of the ACA By-Laws Committee for many years.

How long have you been casting? I started casting in 1945 and dropped out for 19 years, which I really regret.

Where do you practice? I travel to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington for my distance events practice. Accuracy events I practice on my farm pond.

Favorite fish to catch: Kentucky Bass.( A more spotted largemouth sub-species)

Favorite rod: A Fenwich 5/8 oz Accuracy plug rod that was given to me in the late 1960s by Fenwick. Even though they didn't have an accuracy rod for 5/8 oz plug at the time, they gave me a prototype to experiment with. They eventually produced the rod for the public, but a little stiffer and longer. It really wasn't as good.

Favorite reel: I still use a Shakespeare 1973D or a 1973A teardrop reel. My next favorite reel is a Langley Lurecast that I have modified into a semi-freespool reel.

Advice for new casters: Do not start-out too big. If you are beginning the accuracy fly events, stick with those before you venture into the plug events and vice versa. It is always helpful if there is an experienced caster available that can give you pointers.

Philosophy relating to casting: In addition to casting all of the Accuracy and Distance events, I get alot of pleasure in designing and building special accuracy and distance spools for my fellow competitors. It is not uncommon for me to be beaten by someone using one of my custom spools. Oh well, are we not put on this earth to help others? I remember when you did not dare look into someone's tacklebox. Fortunately, those days are gone.