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ACA National Casting Championships have been postponed till further notice!
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Kentucky Open Results- Scores

Annual Northwestern Tournament October 15-17th

Chris Korich, "Our goal is to conduct this year’s Northwestern as a demonstration event for future ACA U.S. Open Casting Championships, first proposed and discussed with Board and delegates at Pasadena National in 2019."

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Casting Divisions

  • A Championship
  • B Intermediates
  • C Novices

We plan to add at least 3 special events on Friday:

  • WC Trout Accy.
  • WC Trout Dist. (5wt SA MED orange floating line)
  • WC Salmon Dist. (15’ rod/55g max floating head)

And hold ‘finals’ cast-offs in the ‘A’ Championship division on Fri evening, to invite GGACC members spectators!


  • Trout Fly
  • Bass Bug (‘Big Fly’ or ‘Saltwater Fly’)
  • 1/4 Plug
  • Open Plug
  • Anglers Fly Dist.
  • 1/4 Spin Dist.


  • Sun (4 games):
  • Dry Fly
  • Wet Fly
  • 3/8 Plug
  • 5/8 Plug

Pools & clubhouse will be open and available for advance training Wed & Thu, Oct 13-14. More details to be shared over summer....Show Less

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